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Women’s Day Messages

women's day messages
The way you manage work and home is truly inspiring. Thanks for being a part of my life. Happy Women’s Day!
Dear sister, you have always bailed me out whenever I was in trouble. Thanks for all that you have done for me and a very happy Women’s day!
May your day be filled with happiness, sweet smiles and warm hugs. Happy Women’s Day!
May all your dreams come true and you continue to inspire others with you words and deeds. Happy Women’s Day!
You are precious. Without you the world would seem so barren and empty. Thanks for making this world a wonderful place. Happy Women’s Day!
Mom, thanks for bringing me in this world and raising me through care, love and affection. I owe my existence to you. Happy Mother’s Day!
Whenever I was feeling low in life, you were always there comforting and giving me strength to carry on. Wishing a very happy Women’s Day to a wonderful woman!
I felt so incomplete but them you came and changed my world for better. Happy Women’s Day!
You can be as soft as a flower and at times as tough as steel. You are both bold and caring. Happy Women’s Day!
May God gift you good health and wisdom. May you remain young forever. Wishing you a very happy Women’s Day!
You are my driving force who motivates me at every step of life. Happy Women's Day, my wifey!
You are the best human God has ever created. I am so much in love with you. Happy Women's Day!!
Girls with ambition become women with vision.. Happy Women’s Day to all lovely women.
The most precious thing a man can conquer is a Women’s heart...Happy Women’s Day!
She is a believer, she is a doer, she is an achiever.. She is a woman, she is “You”.. Happy Women’s Day!!
A strong woman draws inspiration from herself and fights every war bravely.. Celebrating the valor of females... Happy Women’s Day!!
A smart woman learns from her failure, smiles during her lows and grows stronger when faced with challanges. You are one of the... Happy Women’s Day!
Only a woman can be Wonderful Outstanding Mesmerizing Attractive and Nice at the same time.. Happy Women’s Day!!
A Women’s strength can't be defined by how much she achieves rather it can be judged by seeing how much she has struggled for it... Happy Women’s Day!!
happy women's day wishes
You are one of a kind.. you are an amazing woman.. Happy Women’s Day!!
Dear women you constitute half of the society and most important you give birth to men. So, don't say you are equal.. you are far more superior.. Happy Women’s Day!!
Happy Women’s Day to all loving, caring, sweet and beautiful women inside out.

Powerful Women’s Day Messages

It's you who is making a diffrence in a lot of lives...So, proud of you.. Happy Women’s Day!
The patience to understand, the willingness to do hardwork and the heart to care can only be found in a powerful woman.. You are one!... Happy Women’s Day!!
Be ferocious, be kind, be strong and be wild.. because you are a powerful woman... Happy Women’s Day!!
women's day msg
She said she don't want to live in cage so she opened her wings and started flying.. She is not a bird in a cage.. She is born to fly.. She is you.. You are a powerful woman.. Happy Women’s Day!
Fall in love with yourself everyday and realize your worth.. You are everything you want.. Happy Women’s Day!
Only a powerful woman can balance her sadness with grace, fear with strength and pain with love.. Happy Women’s Day!
She may have chaos in her brain, but she also has fire in her soul...Happy Women’s Day!
Only a woman can almost die and give birth at the same time.. Be proud to be a woman... Happy Women’s Day!!
A woman is a combination of beauty, power and brain... Be proud of who you are!... Happy Women’s Day!
women's day sms

Women's Day Messages for Office Colleagues

We the one who makes the office environment cheerful. Without us noting is blissful. Enjoying your women hood. Happy Women’s day.
You the force that drives the world. You are the one who has taught love. Happy women’s day.
You know what, when you are not in the office, it troubles me more than attending a finicky client. Love you, Happy women’s day.
Women are made to spread happiness and bring cheer around. Happy women’s day and have a great day.
It is difficult to work in a office that has no women colleague. You don’t just bring cheer, but you create the wonder.

Happy Women's Day Messages for Friends

Happy women’s day, dear! Don’t take this just as another day. Instead, this is your day. Live it and have fun.
The women’s day is made to celebrate the women hood. Happy women’s day and have a great day dear.
happy women's day wishes
Every woman is an example to show something positive to the society. Be proud to be a woman. Happy women’s day.
Happy women’s day to my lovely friends who are united, supportive, motivated and positive
Men only showcase the dark side of women, thinking that by doing so they will show their importance, But I’m not so. Happy women’s day.

Women's Day Corporate Messages

Only a woman can understand the importance of working with a woman boss. Happy women’s day.
You are the true example of time and effort management. Big salute to all working women. Happy women’s day.
One can not find the word ‘No’ only in a woman dictionary. They are always prepared and ready for everything. Happy Women’s day.
No matter at what position u all are working in our firm. For us you are all the best managers.
If someone has to learn the managerial skill, I suggest learn from working women, and you will never have any question.

Happy Women's Day Funny Messages

This women’s day, I celebrated cooking niches of recopies for my family. Happy Women’s day
women's day messages
If you don’t like working under a female single boss, work with female, married boss, will start loving your female boss. Happy women’s day
Everyday in our house is women’s day, still I would not mind wishing you the Happy women’s day.
I am not the slave of my wife, I just love her and follow her orders as she is always right. Happy Women’s day.
The best way to make a woman happy is, keep saying you are the perfect and I love you. Happy Women’s day.

Happy Women's Day Messages for Mom

Mom, whatever I am today, it is just because of you. You are my inspiration and motivation. Happy Women’s day.
When I think about an empowered woman, no personality comes to mind. For me, you are my superhero. Happy Women’s Day.
I always wonder Mom, how you managed your job and family so efficiently, that no one has any grudge for you.
Happy Women’s day Mom, you are best women in my life. I love you the most. Love you, stay with me always.
Hey Mom, now that I have become a mom, I understood all your lessons. Happy Women’s day to you. Love you.
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