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Kiss Day Messages

Kiss Day Messages: Kiss Day is the sixth day of Valentine's week which is celebrated every year on February 13. On this day lovers kiss each other and show their love towards their loved ones. Kiss is the silent token of love which people exchange worldwide on Kiss Day. It is the silent action which expresses the innermost feelings to your beloved. If by any chance, your beloved is not present in front of you and you want to express your emotions then send him/ her an extremely romantic kiss via message. Find a perfect message in order to send to your beloved on Kiss Day. He/She will be really glad once you share your emotions with him/her. So, go ahead and send the most romantic kiss day message this year. You can directly share the message on various social media platforms including Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

  1. To a great kisser, happy kiss day! Our smooth journey in this relationship is all because of you. You calm down my anger with your kiss and we end up not fighting.
  2. You make me fall in love with you every time you kiss me looking into my eyes. Thank you for being who you are and understanding me. Happy kiss day, my love!
  3. Sending you special kisses on this special day! Happy kiss day, sweetheart! I am waiting for my share of kisses. I love you with all my heart.
  4. Your kiss is like fuel. I need it every morning to kick start my day, every evening to settle my mind, every night to have a relaxing sleep. Happy Kiss Day, sweetheart!
  5. Happy kiss-day! I miss your kiss every day. I love sweetheart, have a great day!
  6. I fall in love with you each time we kiss each other. Happy kiss day, my sweetheart!
  7. I love you, my sweetheart. You are adorable, cute and my life. Kissing you early morning makes my day happy and bright.
  8. May I have the right to kiss on the very special kiss day!
  9. Kiss Day Messages
  10. Happy kiss day, my sweetheart. The day always reminds me of our first kiss. I was as amazing as the last one.
  11. Happy kiss day! Kissing you right on your lips is the loveliest experience of my life.
  12. With a love-filled heart, mind and body, I wanna wish you a happy kiss day!
  13. I feel right when you are by my side; I miss you when you don’t kiss me. Happy kiss day baby!
  14. Kiss is the most pure form of love, make love to me baby. Happy kiss day!
  15. Just a kiss makes my day, a peck of kiss every morning brightens up the day. Happy kiss day baby!
  16. I wish when sun meets the sky, your lips meets mine and that is forever darling. Happy kiss day!
  17. Kiss me every day and every day I will fell for you more and more. Happy Kiss Day.
  18. The moment my lips touch yours, I feel the heaven right there and I would love to feel it every moment of my life. Happy Kiss Day!
  19. The moment we make love by kissing each other is the moment I want to pause it for all my life. Happy Kiss Day!
  20. Let your lips touch mine and be grateful to almighty for giving us each other. Happy Kiss Day!
  21. There is no gift greater that a sweet kiss from you on my lips.
  22. One of the most wonderful gifts that you can give to the one you love is a loving kiss.
  23. A kiss from you early in the morning makes my day so pleasant. Happy Kiss Day.
  24. Today I open my heart to let you know how much I love you. Happy Kiss Day!
  25. A kiss from you gives me an abundance of happiness and joy. May we never part, sweetheart. Happy Kiss Day!
  26. Nothing can be more precious than a kiss from your sweetheart. Happy Kiss Day!
  27. kiss day messages 2023
  28. The greatest moment of joy is when I am kissing you on your lips. Happy Kiss Day, sweetheart!
  29. This Valentine’s Day I want to tell you how much I love you with a kiss on your lips. Happy Kiss Day!
  30. If there is anything in this world that is sweeter than sugar, it is your kiss. Love you sweetheart and Happy Kiss Day.
  31. Whenever I kiss you on your lips, my world lights up. Happy Kiss Day!
  32. The touch of your lips is the only delicacy I can have today. Love you so much. Happy Kiss Day!!
  33. Sending lots of kisses and love for you which will burn your calories, my love. Happy Kiss Day!!
  34. My eyes are eager to see you, my ears are eager to hear you. But, my lips are eager to kiss you a lot. ...I miss you sweetheart..
  35. A day without the touch of your lips makes me really really sick.. I can't live without you. Happy Kiss Day!
  36. If I got a chance to show love, then I would kiss you every hour, minute, every second and never let you go.. Love you so much baby.. Happy Kiss Day!
  37. I prefer a kiss over every other thing... I love you a lot!.. Happy Kiss Day!!
  1. Missing you baby on this day.... mmmuaaahhh... Love you lots!.. Happy Kiss Day!
  2. The touch of your lips is still there on mine... Love you lots baby... Happy Kiss Day!!
  3. Be mine and kiss me forever... I love you.... Happy Kiss Day!
  4. Kissing makes two people come really close and share a really special bond. Muuahh... Love you... Happy Kiss Day!!
  5. When your lips touch mine, I forget the rest of the world. This is the efffect which you create on me. Love you forever.. Happy Kiss Day!
  6. Your kissers are like stars, they show me direction in the dark... I love you!... Hqppy Kiss Day!

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Kiss Day Messages for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend treats you like a princess all the time so it becomes mandatory to make him feel like a prince on at least one day of his life. This Kiss Day, wish your boyfriend by giving him a fantastic kiss which he never forgets. Do not fret if you don't have your boyfriend by your side. You can surely send him a romantic message and express your love towards him. Read on and choose the best message to let him know that you are so much in love with him.

Kiss Day Messages for Boyfriend
  1. Now matter how many kisses I give you, but I can never forget the feeling of our first kiss. Love you.
  2. Enormous number of kisses to one whom I always want to love and kiss. Miss you sweetheart and happy kiss day.
  3. When you lay your lips on my lips, I forget all difference we had and become one again. So, keep kissing me.
  4. You know what doctors say, Kissing is good for health. It increases your life and keeps you alive. Happy kiss day, let’s kiss now.
  5. Lots of hug and kisses to my love. Kisses keep a person healthy. So, I’m giving my love lots and lots of kisses.
  6. How can I forget kissing you on the kiss day. Though, I am far away, I am sending my kisses to you handsome.
  7. On this kiss day, lots of kisses to the most handsome boy from the most beautiful girl. Happy kiss day.
  8. Doctor’s say kissing reduces the blood pressure. So, from now I am going to kiss you everyday keep you fit.
  9. Happy kiss day my love. Let’s make the record of kissing. And I know we will create the one.
  10. Kissing someone is a wonderful feeling and strengthens the bonding. Happy kiss day and keep kissing people you love.

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Kiss Day Messages for Girlfriend

Girls need reassurance in the commitment throughout their lives. They need to be pampered and showered a lot of love in order to make them believe that you are still in love with them. So, this Kiss Day shower plenty of kisses on her and make her believe that you are completely in love with her. If you are unable to kiss her then do not get sad. You can still send her a wonderful message to wish her a fantastic kiss day. Choose the best message for your girlfriend and express your true feelings for her.

Kiss Day Messages for Girlfriend
  1. I love kissing you and if you say I can kiss you for the whole day. Happy kiss day sweetheart.
  2. Love you, kiss you, hug you. You are my love and never want to stay away from you. Happy Kiss day.
  3. Do you know what is the most beautiful thing in you? The way you shy when I kiss you. Happy kiss day.
  4. Happy kiss day my love. While typing this message, I can see your pink lips with the shiny gloss. Love you.
  5. Come close, closer and closer! I want to kiss your pink lips and make it blood red. Love you.
  6. Remember our first kiss, how our breath was on hold and we were inside each other. Love you and happy kiss day.
  7. Lots and lots and lots of kisses to my beautiful girlfriend on the special kiss day. Have a great day.
  8. Kisses are important for any relationship to get strong and full of love. So, lots of kisses to you, dear girlfriend.
  9. This kiss day, I don’t want to kiss on your cheek or forehead. Give me your lips, I want to make it red.
  10. Happy kiss day my sweetheart. You know, whenever I see you, I fall in love with you and want to kiss you hard.

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Kiss Day Quotes for Long Distance Relationship

On this day, couples might rejoice in their union by giving each other a stunning kiss. The goal of kiss day is to make the day full of blushing, love, and romance by giving and receiving kisses from your beloved. Send these heartfelt words from our collection to your partners if you are apart from them to cheer them up and let them know you care.

Kiss Day Quotes for Long Distance Relationship
  1. Happy Kiss Day! I wish you could see this place or that I could be there. I genuinely miss you.
  2. Although I am sending you plenty of kisses and love while we are apart today, I can assure you that I shall be by your side for all eternity.v
  3. Every second that passes without you, it makes me feel the time I'm waiting to see you keep stretching. And my lips are waiting impatiently to meet yours. Happy Kiss Day!
  4. I miss you terribly, and I detest it when you are not there to kiss me and cheer me up. But right now, all I want is to kiss you and not give it a second thought. Happy Kiss Day!
  5. The equivalent of tea without sugar is a day without your sweet kiss. Make my day special, baby, with a kiss. Congratulations on Kiss Day!
  6. I want to give you a kiss to let you know how much I miss you. Cheers to Kiss Day!
  7. Your kiss is similar to an addiction, but I am confident it will keep me alive rather than kill me. So please give me more kisses, sweetie. Have a wonderful kissing day!
  8. I feel sick if I go a day without your kiss. So, will a kiss on my lips cheer me up? Happy kiss day.
  9. I would kiss you every second if I had the chance to express how much I love you, and I would never let go of you—happy Kiss Day from me and my heart to yours.
  10. I always choose the taste of your kiss over all others. I adore you very much and wish you a happy kiss day.

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Kiss Day Status

The seventh day of Valentine's Week is Kiss Day, and young people or newlywed couples primarily celebrate it. To celebrate Kiss Day with your spouse, post these beautiful messages, quotes, and status updates on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Kiss Day Status
  1. My experience of being in the air when your lips touched mine. Happy Kiss Day, baby.
  2. Since you took my first kiss, you have stolen my heart. Happy Kiss Day.
  3. A lifetime of memories is created during the first kiss. Cheers to Kiss Day 2023!
  4. A kiss that leaves you craving more is the ultimate kiss. Happy Kiss Day!
  5. Say "I love you" three times and with one heart, two lips, and one voice. Cheers to Kiss Day 2023!
  6. Life's most significant aspects are felt rather than seen. To better experience the moment, we close our eyes. Happy Kiss Day!
  7. Two people can become intimate by kissing each other. Cheers to Kiss Day 2023!
  8. The soul that can communicate through its eyes is also capable of kissing. Congratulations on Kiss Day!
  9. On the lips of a lover, two souls reunite! Cheers to Kiss Day 2023!
  10. The only universal language of love is the kiss, along with the music. Cheers to Kiss Day 2023!

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Romantic Happy Kiss Day Message

Share a friendly kiss on the cheek or forehead with everyone on this Kiss Day, and give your beloved a passionate kiss. Send them these messages immediately to get them excited before kissing your romantic interest.

Romantic Happy Kiss Day Message
  1. I adore the way you cuddle up to me and kiss my lips. Especially on this day, I want lots of them. Happy Kiss Day, sweetheart!
  2. Nothing in the world could compare to the sweetness of your kiss. Kissing you on Kiss Day. I cherish you.
  3. By kissing me, you transport me to Wonderland. To see you today, I am dying to meet you today. Have a wonderful day of kisses, my darling!
  4. Cheers, my sweet sweetie. Happy Kiss Day. I'm sending you kisses that are brimming with love and devotion.
  5. You rule over my entire world and are the man of my dreams. With your tender kisses, you elevate my mood. Happy Kiss Day!
  6. My beautiful sweetheart, your passionate kisses give me the drive to tackle my everyday tasks. I appreciate your unwavering support and love. Enjoy your day of kisses. I adore you."
  7. Darling, Enjoy your day of kisses. I wish every day of my life begins with your kisses and that our love becomes stronger every day.
  8. Even if I don't always express it to you, I'm always longing for your kiss. On this day, nothing could keep me from speaking the truth!
  9. Paradise is only a kiss away. I urgently need the key if I'm going to enter paradise. You are sorely missed. Happy kiss day, sweetheart!
  10. Only when your presence made life like a fairy tale. Thank you for being a great boyfriend. On this exciting day, many kisses are only waiting for you!

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Happy Kiss Day 2023 My Love

Share heartfelt messages on Kiss Day to show your loved one how much you care. These gestures of notes and quotes for Kiss Day are a lovely and comforting way to display your emotions toward them. To make it even more romantic, send Happy kiss day 2023 special wishes to your partners.

  1. I had no concept of what it meant to be truly loved until you kissed me. I adore you." Happy Kiss Day, honey!
  2. When you connect my lips with yours, the sensation lasts a lifetime. My baby, I adore you. Congratulations on Kiss Day!
  3. Love is the emotion you have for certain people, and it is expressed through kisses. Happy kiss day.
  4. My idea of the ideal day is one that includes kisses both at the beginning and the finish. Happy Kiss Day to you.
  5. Every soul requires a kiss to survive; it is the secret ingredient that is filled with love, warmth, and affection. Best wishes on Kissing Day!
  6. There is only one way I know how to express my love for you, which is by kissing you; from that gesture, there is no need for words to explain. Happy Kissing Day, sweetheart.
  7. Kisses are a necessity to make life memorable because it is too brief. On this day dedicated to kissing, I send a lot of love and kisses to my closest beloved sweetheart.
  8. Kissing Day is a time to share a kiss with the people you care about. Kisses are a link between a spirit and a body.
  9. In honor of Kissing Day, I make a special promise to you: I'll kiss you every day for the rest of my life to convey to you how much I care.
  10. Kisses are the best method to convey all of your heart's emotions when words fall short. With this kiss, best wishes to you.

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Kiss Day Messages 2023

Actions express your intense feelings for someone. When you physically touch someone, it says a lot about how close you are to them, and when you kiss someone, they also feel it. Your attitude positively lifts, and you feel unique when someone gives you a sweet kiss. To celebrate kiss day 2023, kiss your partner with beautiful words from our collection to add warmth to your feeling.

  1. A kiss from your sweetheart is the most priceless gift you can ever receive. Happy Kiss Day and Happy Valentine's Day in advance!
  2. No gift is more precious than a tender kiss from you on my lips. Happy Kiss Day, Baby!
  3. Beloved husband, Happy kiss Day! I appreciate all of your support and kindness. Warm hugs and kisses to you on this memorable day. adore you
  4. Greetings, girlfriend. I wish you a day filled with loads of kisses and warmth.
  5. Happy Kiss Day, my sweet partner! My heart is touched by your kisses. Baby, I love you.
  6. Happy Kiss Day, my sweetest wife. If you don't kiss me, life has no purpose.
  7. Your lips have the sweetest flavor of anything that tastes delicious. I can't wait for you to give me a sensual kiss to start my day! Happy Kiss Day.
  8. There are several surprises in the box I have for you, but the one for your lips will be your favorite. To deliver it to you, I am really excited. Happy Kiss Day.
  9. When lovers' lips touch, their union is complete. Being able to kiss you makes me feel at peace and like heaven! Happy Kiss Day.
  10. Kissing enables us to continue falling in love with one another and renders us faultless in each other's sight for all time. Happy Kiss Day.

One of the most romantic ways to express love is by kissing. If you kiss someone, they might understand how much you care for them. More potent than words of love are these gestures. It improves the bond between partners.
A kiss also reduces stress hormones and aids in releasing "happy hormones" within the body. Your lips' nerve endings are what makes kissing so enjoyable and addictive.

You've come to the right page if you're looking to express a wish on Kiss Day that will have the same effect on your beloved as your kiss. We have gathered a choice of greetings and messages for Kiss Day. You can use these kiss day quotes to describe your thoughts and feelings. For husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and long-distance relationships, kiss day wishes are accessible. Send your partner one of our many wishes for Kiss Day on this particular day.