Why Hug Day Has Its Own Importance within Valentine Week

A tight hug is a gift that comes free of cost, but holds a huge value. It makes love grow manifold. So, hug your partner tight on the special valentine week hug day and make her feel your warmth of love.

The sixth day of love week is known as Hug day and this day is celebrated on 12th of February every year by lovers worldwide. Hug day is the second last day of valentine week, love has widespread in the air already, and couples are all set in the mood of celebrating Valentine’s Day with all zeal and spark.

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Romantic Hug Day Card

In the valentine week, this day is dedicated to cuddly, warm and lovely hug. The day has a huge significance in the week of love as it brings lovers closers and makes their love more intense and felt.

Scientific Advantages Of Hugging

When we hug someone, it indicates that we that person by heart, you can’t take a person within your arms until you love him/her. Hugging strengthens bonding, it removes differences, it fills positive energy, it removes all negativities and also cures diseases. According to some researches, hug control blood pressure and blood sugar level as well. It does this by releasing a hormone in the body. This is the scientific benefits of hugging!

Now, if talk about the significance of hug day in valentine week, then it emphasize on physical closeness of lovers. The hug day says two wonderful souls who had met just in the beginning of valentine’s week to come closer and express their feeling for each other. So, on the occasion of hug day, do not forget to give a tight hug to your lover. Also, do not forget to give a tight hug to even those whom you respect and those who love you.

You can add spark in your hug day celebration by opting some unique ideas

Call Your Love On A Date: Hug is also an expression and with this expression you tell your partner how much you love him/her. But, hugging your partner is a different feeling, to embrace this feeling completely, hug your partner at a place where there is no disturbance, there is no except you and him. Stand in front of your partner and give him/her a tight hug. While hugging your partner, forget about everything else, just dive deep in love.

Accompany Your Hug With Chocolates And Flowers: Hugging is a wonderful expression, but if you want to impress your partner don’t just go and hug him/her. Instead, first create an impression, present him/her flower and chocolates, bring feeling in the time and then slowly move forward to hug him/her.

Hug Your Parents: hug day is dedicated to lovers, but that does not mean you can’t hug your parents. Make a special arrangement for them and give them a tight hug. There is no better day than hug day for expressing your love and respect toward your parents.

So, now when you are going to celebrate hug day, do not forget to write some heartfelt messages for your partner to add charm in already a wonderful day. If you are week in drafting messages, don’t worry! 143greetings is there to help you. We have a huge assortment of hug day messages and we assure you that some will surely relate with your feeling.

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