About Us

The word Greeting has a lot of similarity with the word Feeling. One thing unique about human being is that he has a feeling towards every person he connects with. Greeting is an act of conveying one’s good wishes to a person for whom an individual has a feeling. There was a time when we used to wish all our loved ones through a greeting card.

We had these beautiful picture cards for every occasion – birthdays, marriage anniversary, wedding, promotion, new born. You name the occasion and there was a card for it. In the same way we used to have these huge Greeting card and gift shops in every street market. The names which I remember are Archies and Hallmark. But as technology evolved and we moved to a more digitized version of life, greeting cards disappeared from our life. But this doesn’t mean that all the loved one’s disappeared from our life. We still carry the same feelings for them. 143 Greetings.com is a site that helps you convey your feelings to your loved ones and on a platform, they are comfortable with whether mobile or laptop.

143 Greetings.com is a prominent world’s leading online destination for human expressions.

At 143 greetings, we offer unique and best wishes messages to our loved ones. You can send any kind of messages, wishes and quotes from this site which comprise birthday messages, good morning, love, anniversary, inspirational messages and quotes on various platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. We also offer various e-cards on 143 greetings. At this site you will get various types of unique messages and quotes provided with attractive images at personal and professional level.

So, what are you waiting for – If your friend is leaving the job for a better prospect,

don’t just say that you will miss him but instead wish him “All the best”, for his new job by picking one of the greeting messages from 143 Greetings.com If you still don’t have enough courage to propose to your class-mate with whom you attend your tuition classes daily, just log onto our site and pick a card which will convey your hidden feelings. Last but not the least, If the girl whom you loved the most is getting married and you still have not been able to convey your feelings! – we still have a card for you. It says “Keep in touch”.