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2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Anniversary Messages

Whether you are celebrating your first anniversary or 50th, a hand written message is the best gesture to show your love towards the celebrating couple. A happy anniversary card with beautiful message can give a smile on their face and make them feel even more special. Express your love out loud with the words that would mean world to your special ones.


2nd Anniversary Messages

  • The second comes after all the firsts, hope you enjoy your 2nd anniversary as much as the first. Wishing you a very Happy 2nd Anniversary!
  • Wishing you lifetime of happiness and togetherness, may you always enjoy each other's company. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary!
  • Companionship is needed after love, may you always be the partner for each other. May god shower his blessings upon you, happy 2nd anniversary!
  • The day you found your love was the day you were destined for each other. May you always find love and warmth. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary!
  • Nothing can ever be picture perfect but you can surely live every moment that comes in your life to the fullest and participate in each other's journey. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary!
  • 2nd Anniversary Messages
  • Wishing you lifetime of fun and adventure. May you always have a 'goofy' moment with each other. Wishing you a very happy 2nd anniversary!
  • A perfect marriage never exists but best friends do! May your marriage always find you in good friendship before being husband and wife. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary!
  • ALife wouldn't be wonderful but be there when anyone of falls and support each other, hold hands and celebrate little moments. Happy 2nd anniversary!
  • ATo my husband, the man I loved the most in life, you are my partner in everything, I am so blessed and happy to find you. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary love!
  • ATo my wife, you have always been such a sweetheart, supported me in whatever I do, you are the only thing I want to told hold till the end. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary!

3rd Anniversary Messages

3rd Anniversary Messages
  • Continue making love to each other like it's your first. Make countless happy memories and live them forever. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary!
  • Wishing you another year of togetherness, make many memories and babies, just kidding. Have fun in what you both do. Happy 3rd anniversary!
  • Best wishes and blessings on your 3rd wedding anniversary. Be the home to each other, find love and spread smile. Wishing you lifetime of happiness and love!
  • Here's to another year of capturing in photographs, roaming around the city holding each other's hand. Wishing you both a very happy 3rd anniversary!
  • Married life is one beautiful phase that gives so many adventures and memories to create. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to the beautiful couple!
  • Wishing you my heartfelt congratulations on celebrating 3rd wedding anniversary. Hope to get you a lot of cakes and enjoy!
  • Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to the most lovely couple, may you always find each other to share problems and enjoy each other's company. Forever to go!
  • Celebrating love is the most important factor in a relationship and married life. Keep celebrating your love and each other. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary!
  • Wishing you a lifetime of togetherness and unbreakable bong. Give each other's a hug every day, happy 3rd wedding anniversary!
  • Marriage surely comes with compromises to make for each other but once you have learnt that tactic, you will leads a very happy married life. Wishing you happy 3rd anniversary!

4th Anniversary Messages

4th Anniversary Messages
  • Cheers to you and your beautiful relationship. It's not that big ocassion to celebrate but it's one of remarkable journey of 4 years. Happy 4th wedding anniversary!
  • People often say that love is complicated but you guys have surely made it wonderful. Happy 4th wedding anniversary to the coolest couple!
  • 4 years ago, I married to this beautiful woman and you never fail to amaze me darling. Wishing us a very happy 4th anniversary!
  • Happy 4th anniversary to the loviest couple, may your love keep growing every passing day. Wishing you love happiness and good health!
  • It's our 4th wedding anniversary and everytime I look at you feels like we are newly wed couples and I just spend every moments with you. Happy anniversary love!
  • Each year will pass with more and more life patterns, try finding each other's way and enjoy little moments. Happy 4th wedding anniversary!
  • We can all choose to say bad things to our partners but start at communicating things in a polite way, that's a secret to happy married life. Happy 4th wedding anniversary!
  • Make love, make memories, make each other's heart skip the bet everytime you see them. Make your partner comfortable with you, wishing you a very happy 4th anniversary!
  • Home is where your partner is or your love is, finding warmth in each other's hug and make that your home. Happy 4th anniversary!
  • It's always a dream of how you and I are meant to be together. I still remember the first day and I want to celebrate exactly like that. Happy 4th to us love!

5th Anniversary Messages

5th Anniversary Messages
  • We can't realize how time flies and 5 years have passed. May god bless you with love and togetherness. Happy 5th anniversary!
  • Thank you for choosing me and making me a partner in your life to share everything. Happy 5th wedding anniversary love, hugs and kisses!
  • Choosing you was best decision of my life, I couldn't have found anyone better than you, wishing us a very happy 5th anniversary. Loads of love!
  • Congratulations on completing 5 years of married life. You have had 5 amazing years of happiness, love and memories. Hope you can always cherish them.
  • Hold each other's hands in their lowest and celebrate them in their highest. Partners can complete the world for each other, happy 5th anniversary!
  • It's a wonderful feeling to love each other and having found someone who love you with same passion. Wishing you a very happy 5th anniversary!
  • May your relationship be always perfect that you can't even think about living without each other. Happy 5th wedding anniversary!
  • The most awaited moment, completing 5 years of marriage is like a milestone achieved. Hope you always celebrate your anniversary with love and togetherness. Happy 5th anniversary!
  • Congratulations to a truly special couple on completing 5 years of happy married life. Your companionship will remark your love and respect you share. Happy 5th wedding anniversary!
  • May you never stop goofing with each other just like how you do it now. Make each other feel special and bonded. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, love and happiness!

6th Anniversary Messages:

6th Anniversary Messages
  • Bring smile on each other's face, try making boring moments into happening one. Find joys in little things, spice up everything in your daily life. Happy 6th wedding anniversary!
  • Make your normal routine day a peaceful moment and a bright pause in your adventures. Happy 6th anniversary, wishing you love and happiness!
  • Value each other's time, respect each other's work and always try to find balance in everything you do. Happy 6th anniversary, love and laughter to you!
  • Everyone has there share of conflict and argument but always rise stronger as a couple. Wishing you a very happy 6th anniversary!
  • Wishing you a memorable 6th anniversary, may you always be happier together forever. Shine bright as a couple and always have each other's back.
  • I would happily live in your arms forever my life. Your arms, your warmth feel like home. Wishing you a very happy 6th anniversary!
  • Wishing you a very happy and memorable 6th anniversary, you guys complete each other, keep living each other more and more. Celebrate love and laughter!
  • Here's to us, celebrating 6 years of beautiful kisses, hugs and making love. You are that perfect partner I would ever ask for, thank you for completing me. Love you darling!
  • 6 years of travelling together, making coffee for each other, waking up into each other's arms feels like a blessing. Wishing us happy anniversary and many more years to come!
  • I love you endless and infinity. You are that one person who turn my world upside down, you give me butterflies whenever I see you even today. Happy 6th to us, love you!

No matter how long you are dating or celebrating your marriage, an anniversary is the mark one can never miss. From sweet to funny to romantic, hope these messages fill their heart with love and warmth. A tip that you can use to surprise them:
You can choose to make a photo book with hand written messages and describe every moment that you have celebrated with your loved one.