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Anniversary Invitation Messages

Anniversary Invitation Messages: Marriage is the moment when two separate people come into a relationship for a lifetime. It is one of the significant decisions of anyone's life when they decide wholeheartedly to give themselves to each other. The Anniversary Celebration of such a day is inevitable. If you wish to invite your friends or family on your special day, we have gathered some thoughts for an anniversary invitation which you are welcome to use on your invitation card.

  1. You're invited to join us as we celebrate a milestone in our journey together. Please join us for our anniversary celebration filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. Date: [Date] Time: [Time] Venue: [Location] RSVP: [Contact Information] We look forward to celebrating this special occasion with you!
  2. Love is in the air as we celebrate our anniversary! We invite you to share in the joy of this special day. Join us for an evening of celebration, delicious food, and delightful company. Date: [Date] Time: [Time] Venue: [Location] Kindly RSVP by [RSVP Date] to [Contact Information]. Your presence would make our anniversary even more memorable!
  3. Come celebrate love and togetherness with us as we mark another year of marriage. You're cordially invited to our anniversary celebration, where we'll reminisce about cherished memories and create new ones. Date: [Date] Time: [Time] Venue: [Location] Please RSVP by [RSVP Date] to [Contact Information]. We can't wait to celebrate this special milestone with you!
  4. Save the date for a night of love and celebration! Join us as we commemorate our anniversary and honor the love and commitment that has grown stronger over the years. Date: [Date] Time: [Time] Venue: [Location] Kindly RSVP by [RSVP Date] to [Contact Information]. Your presence would make our anniversary celebration complete.
  5. Dear, Please join us on our special day to celebrate our anniversary.
  6. It's time to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We will be glad if you can come to join us.
  7. The anniversary of our together has come. Please come and rejoice the moment with us.
  8. anniversary invitation messages
  9. On our Wedding Anniversary, let's celebrate the memories of that fantastic day.
  10. We are ready to celebrate the memories of a special occasion. Please take the time to join us.
  11. We have planned a small party for our wedding anniversary. We will be please if you can come on the occasion.
  12. Dear, we have arranged a party on the occasion of our anniversary. Please do come.
  1. We are glad the time flies, and once again, we are inviting you to celebrate our anniversary.
  2. Once again, we are delighted to bid you on our momentous day for the partying.
  3. The anniversary of our lifelong commitment day has come. Please join the celebration.

Anniversary Invitation Message for Friends

Marriage is a very memorable day for everyone's life, but without the best man, maid of honor, and whole bunch of friends, your memory lane will be a little empty. So don't forget to invite your friends with remarkable messages:

anniversary invitation messages for friends
  1. Hey, it is time to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
  2. Your present is a must!!
  3. Once again, you can join us on our anniversary marathon to enjoy the day!
  4. It's time for partying and celebration. Join us at our Wedding Anniversary again!!
  5. You are invited to join our anniversary celebration.
  6. The anniversary of the day we became one has come. We will be glad if you can join us.
  7. We are glad to invite you to relive the wedding day's memories on our anniversary.
  8. Do join the fun party of our wedding Anniversary.
  9. Come and join the get-together of our wedding anniversary.
  10. It's the time for partying & dancing. We will be pleased if you can join us on the anniversary day.
  11. We have planned the party for a close one. You are cordially invited with your family to our wedding anniversary.
  12. Glad to spend (number) years with each other. We are pleased to invite you to our anniversary.

First Anniversary Invitation Messages

'First' always holds a special place in everybody's hearts, whether the first kiss, date, or wedding anniversary. Here we have assembled some beautifol first-anniversary invitation messages for your guest invitation.

first anniversary invitation messages
  1. Time flies with rainbow color, and here we are, gladly inviting you to our first anniversary.
  2. We are celebrating a marvelous first wedding anniversary. Please join our happiness.
  3. We have completed the first year of togetherness. Come and join the celebration party.
  4. We are delighted to bid you on our togetherness celebration. Happy first.
  5. After completing the first year, we are thrilled to invite you to the celebration.
  6. We have Completed the roller coaster first-year fun ride. Please join us at the party.
  7. Let's celebrate the anniversary of our relationship's love, strength & togetherness. Happy First!
  8. This fantastic first year shows us how amazing we are with each other. Please join us at our celebration.
  9. Completed first! Bless us for life long. We cordially invite you to our wedding anniversary.
  10. The bond is getting stronger day by day. Celebrating our first anniversary, join us.

Funny Anniversary Invitation Messages

Funny messages can take out the laugh from anyone, and sometimes your little effort can light up loved ones' moods. So try funny messages on your anniversary invitation to spread the laughter.

funny anniversary invitation message
  1. Your favorite people in the world are celebrating their anniversary. Join the party!
  2. We are inviting you to free fun and our anniversary.
  3. Let's have a blast on our wedding anniversary.
  4. With all the ups & downs we are smoothly sailing for (year) you can join our celebration ship.
  5. We gladly inform you to join our wedding anniversary party.
  6. Life is fun when we are together. We are still celebrating the fun anniversary. Come and join us.
  7. We are lucky to find each other. Join the celebration of our anniversary.
  8. Life starts when we meet. Please come and join our wedding anniversary to celebrate the day.
  9. You are cordially invited to the wedding anniversary of perfect couples with a minor skirmish.
  10. Join the anniversary celebration with free beer.

Informal Invitation for Wedding Anniversary

The informal invite is for the people close to your heart where you can openly express your feeling & inner thoughts. Let's check out some samples messages of such an invite.

informal invitation for wedding anniversary
  1. On (Date) you can join us at our wedding anniversary lunch to celebrate the occasion.
  2. It has been (year) come and join the celebration.
  3. We will be glad if you can join our wedding anniversary party.
  4. Join the anniversary dinner with us.
  5. We are waiting for you on (Date) to have our anniversary party.
  6. It's our anniversary get-together. Join us with your whole family for lunch.
  7. We are celebrating the anniversary of our bond of togetherness. We will be happy if you can join us.
  8. It will be so wonderfol if you can participate in our wedding anniversary.
  9. Come and enjoy the anniversary bash.
  10. If you can join our wedding anniversary get-together, we will be pleased.

Company Anniversary Invitation Messages

Achievement in a career plays a dynamic role in a person's life. It can stand him out of the crowd, and the accomplishment of each milestone give him respect, confidence & power.
Hence we jot down some messages for the company anniversary invite to celebrate your benchmarks with everyone.

  1. It is an occasion of joy and celebration of company anniversary. We are inviting you to join the events.
  2. The company feels the honor to have you onboard through thick and thin. You are invited to celebrate the company anniversary party with your family.
  3. Happy company anniversary!! To all dedicated and productive coworkers. This company always considers you as a valued asset. Keep up the fantastic work and join the anniversary venue on (date).
  4. Your confidence and support have always been the most critical factors in our success on this memorable occasion! Request you join the event.
  5. This voyage woold not have been as epic if it hadn't been for all of you. I cordially invite you to join the anniversary function of the company.
  6. We are honored to have you along for the ride of our company achievement. Please join us at the anniversary celebration.
  7. On the occasion of our company's birthday, we'd like to express our gratitude for all of your support and appreciation. We will be glad if you can join us at the celebration event.
  8. Your encouragement and support mean a lot throughout the years. It is time to join us at our anniversary event to celebrate all the hard work and efforts.
  9. We woold not have achieved everything without each of your efforts. Come and join us on our company anniversary to enjoy our success.
  10. It's been an incredible adventure with all of you. Now it's time to celebrate the anniversary of the adventures journey.


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The anniversary of any event is a valuable part of anyone's life, whether it is a wedding anniversary or a company anniversary. Both show your dedication and devotion towards maintaining the relationship.
Consequently, celebrating these events is mandatory, but without your friends, family& colleagues, the day will be imperfect.
Make them feel precious by expressing their importance in your life by sending these invitations.