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Brother’s Day Wishes

Brother’s Day Wishes : Brother’s love is irreplaceable. The bond siblings share is very strong and yet has many fights. Growing up together in the same environment, playing together, fighting over silly issues, causing trouble for each other is an unforgettable phase that siblings share. May 24th of each year is dedicated for brothers and celebrated as International Brother’s Day. Take this opportunity to express your love for your brother and rekindle the bond you share with him. Even if you can’t meet your brother in person, send him a message to make his day. Brothers are playmates for life. Remind him of the fun you had together and convey how much you love him and miss him through the messages below.

  • You are the best gift I got from parents. You were my first friend, basically my first was you. We have so many memories. The most hilarious one is we were fighting over a fish at a camping site. Happy brother’s day!
  • Having a sibling is a true blessing. My relationship with you is very special and strong. I will be there for you for life. Happy brother’s day!
  • To my amazing brother, my mentor, my best friend, my protector, my first friend, my guide, my candy thief, a very happy brother’s day! I love you.
  • I can’t imagine my life without you, my brother. It may not be this fun and frolic. We have bonded so well. We share everything but candies. Happy brother’s day!
  • Brother’s Day Wishes From Brother
  • Being your brother brings a smile on my face, and the thought that nothing can be done about it makes me laugh out loud. Happy brother’s day to my only sibling!
  • A day just made for you. A day I can celebrate with you. A day I am proud of you. The day reminds me of our good old days. Happy brother’s day to my constant!
  • I have friends to have fun with, to talk nonsense with and to go places. But I have only you with whom I can share all my secrets and insecurities. Happy brother’s day!
  • You were my punching bag and a shoulder to cry on. Don’t know when we grew up and started to keep things to ourselves. To my awesome brother, a very happy brother’s day!
  • Spending all my time with you as a toddler was the foundation for building my personality. You have a great influence on what I am today. To my first friend, happy brother’s day!
  • You are a big chunk of my childhood. We were inseparable. We were always partners in all games . you made my childhood beautiful. Happy brother’s day!
  • A sibling is a god gift we can cherish for life. And I got the best gift. You are my superhero brother. Happy brother’s day!
  • We have had beautiful phases of life together. There were times as toddlers where we were non-separable. Then there was a phase we fought like Tom and Jerry and then back to playing together. Then the teen phase we fought like cats and dogs and wouldn’t talk for months. Thank you for always being there. Happy brother’s day!
  • Growing up together we have taught each other great life lessons. And we are lucky to have mom and dad who always supported us. We love you man. Happy brother’s day!
  • Anything can change but our relationship. Our bond is strong and for lifetime. We may have grandkids but still our sibling bond doesn’t alter. Cheers to our relationship and friendship. Happy brother’s day!
  • I thank God for giving you as my brother and parents for having you. I still remember your first day in this beautiful world. Those twinkling eyes, rosy cheeks, tiny toes and clenched fist! I thought mom got a doll for me. To my baby brother, happy brother’s day!
  • We grew up together and went our ways with different careers and life paths. Though we may not be on the same page now, you are still close to my heart. Staying miles apart will not alter our love. Happy brother’s day!

Brother’s Day Wishes from Sister

Brother’s Day Wishes From Sister
  • As your sister, I can assure you one thing that I will be with you no matter what. I will be by your side all my life. Dear brother wishing you a very happy brother’s day!
  • I will always keep you in my prayers. As your sister, I wish you good health and success. May all your dreams come true. Happy brother’s day!
  • You were with me through my ups and downs. Just like a solid rock by me. I owe you a lot. I promise I will be there for you till my last breath. Happy brother’s day!
  • You have a major role in shaping up my personality. I grew up looking at you. I have imbibed your values and I am thankful for that. Happy brother’s day!
  • God sent you to this world just to protect me. You arrived like a superhero to save me every time I put myself in trouble. To my super hero, happy brother’s day!
  • You are one who never gets angry when we have arguments or fight. How can you be so calm with me?  You handle me better than mom. I am lucky to be your sister. Happy brother’s day!
  • I have grown up with a thought that it is a sister's duty to annoy her brother and her right to be pampered by her brother. And I am enjoying both my rights and duties. Happy brother’s day!
  • Pastor always said that God sends angels to take care of us and protect us. But he lied. My angel who is protecting me is visible to me and he takes very good care of me. Happy brother’s day!
  • As your sister, I have experienced you playing many roles in my life. Since childhood I got to see a different face of you. Through all phases of my life you were always there with me. Happy brother’s day!
  • Hey my guardian angel, you have made my life much easier. You have taken up all the trouble that came upon me and made breathing easy. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Happy brother’s day!
  • I am grateful to be your sister. All my friends are jealous of me for having such an awesome brother. To my handsome brother, happy brother’s day!
  • Dear brother, we all are happy for you. We are proud of what you have done with your life. I pray that you will shine all your life. Happy brother’s day!
  • You are an awesome son, a great brother, a wonderful friend, a handsome husband, a helpful colleague and an adorable dad. You manage all your roles perfectly. You are so perfect to be true. Happy brother’s day!
  • In all our childhood pictures you are either carrying me or holding me tight. You have always loved me and been there for me. I will never forget your efforts for me and will forever be grateful for that. Happy brother’s day!
  •  I don’t know how my life would be without you. You are a great influence in my life. I owe a major part of my life to you. I am a blessed sister. Happy brother’s day!

Brother’s Day Wishes from Brother

Happy Brother’s Day Wishes
  • As brothers we have been a pain in many people’s ass. We were trouble makers, hope we are no more. Mom and dad have faced many embarrassing moments because of our acts and words. Happy brother’s day, man!
  • After all the things we have done to put our parents to shame, they still chose to keep us at home. I am blessed to be part of this family. Wishing you a very happy brother’s day!
  • You were the naughtiest among us. I was the one who used to get all the scolding for your mischief. I did not like you for this. But our brotherhood bond never changed. Happy brother’s day!
  • From “I hate you” to “Are we meeting this Christmas?” – we grew up. Distance made no difference to our siblings' bond. I love you brother. Happy brother’s day!
  • As kids we always played super hero games. We used to enact a superhero saving the city. Now that we have grown up and have our own family, we still play roles of super hero for our kids. Happy brother’s day!
  • Last Christmas I realized that we both have grown up only after we have had a child. Last time was the very first Christmas we didn’t fight. I love you brother and wish you good health and happiness. Happy brother’s day!
  • Finally I forgive you for stealing my football. I knew it was you. To my all time partner in crime and my baby brother, happy brother’s day!
  • Mom always loved me more than you. And I am sorry for being everybody’s favorite. But now you are my kid’s favorite uncle. Happy brother’s day!
  • I am proud of my tolerance level. You have tested it to the max. After all that trouble you gave me I still love you my buddy. Happy brother’s day!
  • Brother I promise you that someday I will reveal all your secrets to your kids. Only I know what all you did before you turned adult. Your kids will be shocked to know what a prankster their dad was. Happy brother’s day!
  • I hope by now you would have realized all your mistakes. You were the troublesome kid of us all. Thank us for tolerating you. Happy brother’s day!
  • All the kids in the neighborhood were scared of you. And because of this nobody troubled me. You made my childhood easier. Thank you so much man. Happy brother’s day!
  • I feel I share a special bond with you, a bond that I share with none, not even with my best friend. I feel safe and secure when with you. Blessed to have you bro. Happy brother’s day!
  • I am blessed to have you such a supporting and loving brother. I can share anything and everything with you. To my first and best friend, happy brother’s day!
  • Maybe my life would be colorless if I didn’t have you as my brother. We fight like cats and dogs but we care for each other and make sure we are safe. Happy brother’s day!

Funny Brother’s Day Wishes

Funny Brother’s Day Wishes
  • As a kid I thought you were a superhero because you would miraculously drop in when I was in trouble. You protected me all the time. As I grew up I understood that our society was small one and you always were around me. Happy brother’s day!
  • I still remember how you used to cry when I told you that you were born out of our neighbor dog and our mom. You believed everything I told you. I had fun pulling your legs. Happy brother’s day!
  • As a kid you looked so shabby and ugly. I never thought you would grow into a handsome man. But still I am the best looking one in the family. Happy brother’s day!
  • Just because you were the first born, you got all new things. And I had to play with the toys you had used. Just because of you I didn’t get new clothes, books or toys. Now that you are earning and to make up for childhood, get me new play station and a sexy bike. Happy brother’s day!
  • Oh god! I should be awarded a Nobel prize for tolerating you all these years. If it was somebody else they would have thrown you out because of all the havoc you created in my life. Happy brother’s day!
  • I am everybody’s favorite in the house. Mom and dad give you second preference. I pity you poor boy. But don’t worry I will do some charity for you and ask them to consider you too. Happy brother’s day!
  • I knew it was you who stole from my piggy bank. And also I know about all the lies you told parents to get money for you fun parties. Don’t worry your secret's safe with me till you do not disclose mine. Happy brother’s day!
  • You were my partner in all the crimes I did as a pre-adult, from stealing a few bills from parents to troubling our neighbors or sneaking into their pool.  You made the phase memorable. Happy brother’s day!
  • Brother, I know all your secrets and affairs. Please take good care of me or be prepared to be roasted at our next family gathering. Happy brother’s day!
  • You are the first born and you were not good enough so mom and dad had me. They stopped having kids after me because I was complete and more than enough. Happy brother’s day!
  • You are my big brother but you have ego, anger and tummy much bigger than me. Your girlfriend will be in trouble because of this. God save her. Happy brother’s day!
  • Now that you are making money, why don’t you buy anything for me? Take me out for gaming and dinner this weekend or all your secrets will be out in front of your girlfriend. Choice is yours. Happy brother’s day!
  • You stole all my candies as a kid. I am still waiting for the right time to take revenge on you. As a kid lying came so easy for you. You have escaped mom and dad with your lie many times. Happy brother’s day!
  • It is brother’s day today, a special day for you. Lying is better than hurting you with truth on this day. So you are my best brother. You are my superhero. You are my handsome brother. Happy brother’s day!
  • I thought I would buy you something for brother’s day this year. I have been sneaking into your room for money for the last one week and found no bills. Like every year this year too, no gift for you. Happy brother’s day!

Brother’s Day Quotes

Brothers Day Quotes
  • "Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero."– Marc Brown
  • "No life's worth more than any other, no sister worth less than any brother." – Michael Franti
  • "Me and my little brother never grew up wanting to be famous." – Charlotte Flair
  • "A sympathetic friend can be quite as dear as a brother. – Homer
  • "I always wanted a little brother because I felt like the little brother had to do everything."– Paul Pierce
  • "I had a brother who was my savior, made my childhood bearable."– Maurice Sendak
  • "The men who learn endurance, are they who call the whole world, brother." – Charles Dickens
  • "If you want to know how your girl will treat you after marriage, just listen to her talking to her little brother."– Sami Levenson
  • "Brothers don’t necessarily have to say anything to each other – they can sit in a room and be together and just be completely comfortable with each other."– Leonardo DiCaprio
  • "We came into the world like brother and brother; And now let’s go hand in hand, not one before another." – William Shakespeare

This brother’s day takes your time out of your busy life and expresses your love for your brother. Make his day beautiful with your heart touching words. Brothers are like a second dad who is a guarding angel. He always makes sure you are safe. Brother is the first person that we think of when we are in trouble. And brother is the one who puts us in trouble. Sibling love is eternal. We may fight and stop talking but the care and concern will be there in invisible mode. Celebrate the memories and bond this brother’s day with your brother. Remind him of all the pranks and troubles you guys pulled together. Brothers are part of your most beautiful phase of life. These messages will help you express your feelings for your brother. Send these messages through text or social media. You can also send it as a note with flowers to your brother.