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Father’s Day Wishes for Friends

Father’s Day Wishes for Friends: Friends are an essential part of one’s life, especially man’s life. Friends have lots of influence in man’s life. As grownups they would have done lots of naughty stuff and been mischievous. But once they become fathers there is a lot of change in men’s behavior. They become more caring and loving and act responsibly. Friends that grow up together share all miseries and blessings with each other. True friends do not fake it. They say anything and everything upfront. True friendship remains for a lifetime. As one gets married or has a kid they will spare less time for friends but the bond they share never changes. This Father's day, wish your true friends and reconnect with them.

  • Hey buddy! Gone are the days when we used to catch up for beer and crash at someone’s place. Now parks have become our catch up place. Taking strolls and playing with kids. Happy father’s day
  • I am so proud of you man, you are not only my best friend but also an amazing dad to your kids. Your kids are proud of their dad. They love you the most. Happy father’s day, dear friend!
  • I have seen you since our high school days. You were a carefree and easy going kid. Now you are totally different rather, exactly the opposite and the credit goes to your kids. To an amazing dad, happy father’s day!
  • Fathers Day Wishes for Friends
  • You are a responsible father, your kids adore you. Your family is lucky to have a father like you. Your wife and kids love you. Happy father’s day dear friend!
  • You have become a very caring person since the birth of your kid. You are an amazing father and loving husband, you bind the family together. To my good friend, happy father’s day!
  • We have seen you so proud when you talk about your kids. Your eyes twinkle when you talk about your kids. They are lucky to have a father like you. I am lucky to be your friend. Happy father’ day!
  • Dude, you are as friendly with your kids as you are with us. Kids are always happy when you are around. You pamper them with your love. You are an amazing parent. Happy father’ day!
  • You are working hard day and night for your family. You have secretly sacrificed many things for the comfort of your kids. Happy father’s day to my amazing friend!
  • You are the best dad among our friends gang. We see you working hard to provide a better life for your kids. They are lucky to be your kids. Happy father’s day!
  • Your daughter is a lucky one. And you are lucky to have such an angel in your life. You have single handedly brought her up in a wonderful way. Happy father’s day buddy!
  • You have been a protective shield for the family. Your kids are so blessed to have a magnificent father.  Happy father’s day dear friend!
  • You are a super father and a wonderful friend. I am thankful for such a caring and loving human in my life. To my buddy who is an amazing father, happy father’s day!
  • This is your first year as a father. I can already see a protective and caring father side of you. A child makes a man out of boy. Dear friend, happy father’s day!
  • You have always expressed that your kids are the most special ones in your life. I am extremely proud of you dear friend, you are a super dad. Happy father’s day!
  • You are the most patient, loving and caring human. These qualities make you a wonderful father. Parenting a child is a full time job. Happy father’s day dude!

Father’s Day Message to a Friend

Fathers Day Message to a Friend
  • You have supported your kids in all ways. The way you have brought them up is commendable. You are the reason behind their success. Happy father’s day dear friend!
  • You have always loved your kids and given them the best in the world. Your family and I are proud of you dear friend. Happy father’s day!
  • The culture you have inculcated in your kids is commendable. They are the most well behaved and disciplined kids. They are the proof that you are an amazing parent. Happy father’s day!
  • Being a father is not easy. It takes all our energy. When I see you I feel so happy, you are the happiest dad I have seen. Happy father’s day!
  • Raising two boys is not easy. You have brought them up very well. You encourage them to achieve everything. You are the backbone of your family. To my amazing friend, happy father’s day!
  • You are a rocking dad, maybe your kids enjoy your company more than their friend’s. Your children are truly blessed. Happy father’s day buddy!
  • We have been great friends since our school days. Now you are also good friends with your children and their kids. My kids call you their friend. Happy father’s day man!
  • Happy father’s day to my best friend! Congratulations buddy, you will be awarded the best dad award for bringing up the kids so well. You are amazing in all ways.
  • You always helped us with our studies and job. Now you are helping your and our kids with their studies. You are an amazing mentor. Happy father’s day!
  • You are an aspiring dad. We all look up to you when we have parenting issues. To an amazing dad and great friend, happy father’s day!
  • On this special day, I wish you a very happy Father’s day! May the bond you and your kids share keep growing stronger.
  • You make parenting look so easy. Only after I became a father, I know how complex it is. You are a wonderful dad, my dear friend. Happy father’s day!
  • May you have the best years with your kids. They grow up before we know. Initial years are fun playing and learning with them. Happy father’s day!
  • Dear friend, you are an amazing family man. You are always there for your family and support your kids no matter what. Happy father’s day!
  • You are a perfect dad. Your kids always talk about you with pride and love in their eyes. They love you. Happy father’s day!

Fathers Day Wishes for Best Friend

Fathers Day Wishes for Best Friend
  • Wishing you all the happiness and respect on this father’s day! Happy father’s day! You have made your daughter feel like a pretty princess all her life.
  • Man, you are such an excellent human. You maintain all your relationships so well, from being good friends to being great fathers to your wonderful kids. Happy father’s day!
  • A father’s love is always unconditional.  The way you care and love your kids is beautiful. You are giving them a very good foundation. Happy father’s day!
  • One day you kids will be thankful to you, for bringing them up in a wonderful way. I am proud of you dear friend. Happy father’s day!
  • Dear friend, happy father’s day! You are the best friend I have. You are a fantastic father.
  • You have been the best guide for your kids and also a great example to follow. Wishing my best friend happy father’s day!
  • Your love for your kid is growing every passing year. You are an adorable father to a wonderful kid. Happy father’s day!
  • All kids admire you. Your way of living and your success are ideal, all adore you. You have been my best friend and also a great father to your kids. Happy father’s day!
  • Happy father’s day to my great friend! You are a perfectionist. You always do things right. You are bringing up your kids perfectly.
  • Your children are your life. This special day, spend all your time with them. There will be no better gift on father’s day than spending time with your children. Happy father’s day!
  • Dear friend, you motivate your children everyday to be there best and accomplish greater heights in life. To an awesome dad, happy father’s day!
  • You are the richest man I know because I always get to see your kids running to you. Their hugs are precious gems you got. Happy father’s day dear friend!
  • Always believe in your kids. That is the biggest wealth you can give your kids. That gives them immense confidence. Happy father’s day!
  • You are a strong and brave friend of mine. I know you can do anything for your children. They are blessed to have a wonderful father like you. Happy father’s day!
  • Days roll down very fast. We were little kids and great friends playing around in the town. And now we are fathers and our kids are playing together. Long live our friendship. Happy father’s day!

Funny Fathers Day Wishes for a Friend

Funny Fathers Day Wishes for a Friend
  • You are an amazing father buddy. You let your children have fun no matter what is going to happen. You sleep off, allowing them to enjoy themselves. Happy father’s day!
  • Dude you are the most perverted friend of mine. Even though you are a responsible and caring father, you are still a flirt. Maybe you will give your son flirt lessons. Happy father’s day!
  • You were a jerk in school days buddy. We two were mocked. Look at you now. You are a superhero for your kids. To an amazing dad, happy father’s day!
  • What a wonderful journey dear friend, from being the dumbest kid in the class to being wisest father to your kids. I am proud of you dumb friend.  Happy father’s day!
  • Dear friend, I got to know that you told kids that you topped in all exams. Bugger, you hardly cleared exams. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. Happy father’s day!
  • Parenting is a mess man. We lie to our kids every now and then about our past. You kid told me that you told them that their mom was you first and only love. What a liar you are man! Happy birthday!
  • As kids we were naughty bunch of kids and nuisance in our neighborhood. But now, as fathers we are strict with our kids and want them to be disciplined. We are doing a great job as dads.  Wishing my dearest friend, happy father’s day!
  • All kids look for their mom when they enter home. But your kids are different. They look for you. Tell me did you breastfeed them, how are the kids so attached to you more than their mom? Happy father’s day buddy!
  • The first I met you after your son’s birth was at your place. I came into sight of you tasting and testing his formula drink. You almost drank half the bottle. Happy father’s day buddy!
  • Being fathers made us realize the importance of latch and lock. The little buggers just barge in during most private moments. Be it bathroom or bedroom. Happy father’s day my friend!
  • The funniest interaction with your kid will be how he went into mommy's belly. Wait for the little one to grow up a little and get ready to answer all his questions. Happy father’s day friend!
  • The older your child gets the more wise you become. I felt you are a wise man only during your interaction with your little one.  To my dumb friend, happy father’s day!
  • Your kids are smart, man. I know they would have taken over their mother. You are the minority in your house because the rest all are smart. Happy father’s day buddy!
  • If given a choice to be a soldier and go to war or stay with family and raise kids, I know we all would have chosen war. Raising kids takes everything we have. Happy father’s day buddy!
  • I know you feel sad that your little one is growing up so fast. I bet you, you wouldn’t be any happier if you had to spend more time bringing up the child. Happy father’s day!

On this special day, tell your friends how proud you are of them as fathers. Revisit your friendship, rekindle the bond. Tell your friend that he is an awesome dad. Tell him that you admire him for his loving and caring side being a father. Appreciate him for all the efforts he puts to take care of his family. Take out your time to celebrate father’s day with your friends. Share these lovely and funny happy father’s day messages and wishes with your friends.