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Holi Messages

Holi Messages:Holi, the festival of colours, which is one of the most exciting festivals celebrated in India is here. It's time to celebrate this vibrant festival with family and friends. Relish the sweet and slavoury taste of gujiya, smear your loved ones with colours and bid goodbye to chilling winters this Holi and get involved in fun and merrymaking. Dance of the best Bollywood songs and enjoy with near and dear ones; celebrate the time to its follest. But yes, while celebrating the festival with foll fervour and enthusiasm do not forget to wish your closed ones whom you are unable to meet on the day of Holi. Send your near and dear ones some amazing greetings, wishes, messages, ecards and quotes which are available at 143greetings free of cost. Do not worry you can easily share them on all social media platforms including Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  1. May this festival of colors fill colors in your life. To every shade of you, I wish happy and colorfol holi!
  2. Happy holi from mine to yours. Hope you have a colorfol day and a colorfol life with all kind of right twists in the color.
  3. The best part of the year has arrived. Its holi time, let me color you with all the beautifol colors and make sure you enjoy it to the best, happy holi!
  4. Holi isn’t a day’s celebration, it’s a season foll of love , emotion and color. Happy holi!
  5. May God grant you peace of mind and good health. Happy Holi!
  6. Holi is the festival of love and togetherness. Enjoy the day to the follest. Wishing you a happy Holi.
  7. Holi Messages
  8. Sending you colorfol blessings on Holi. May you have a happy and contented life.
  9. May the year ahead be prosperous and happy and everyday be as colorfol as Holi.
  10. I am eagerly waiting for the dawn to arrive so that I may drench you with lovely colors.
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  12. May this Holi bring us good luck and our friendship continue to grow.
  13. Play a safe Holi with natural colours. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
  14. Wishing that may good times last forever. Happy Holi!
  15. With Holi comes a lot of joy and happiness. It also brings delicious gujiyas and sweets. Happy Holi!
  16. May God shower all his blessings upon you and fill you life with good deeds and contentment. Happy Holi!
  17. I promise to be by your side on this Holi and soak you with the colours of joy. Happy Holi!
  18. May all the 365 days of the year be as merry as the day of Holi. Happy Holi!
  19. May the day be bright and sunny so that wee may be able to play our holi with peace and joy. Happy Holi!
  20. May God guide you in your journey towards success. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
  • Holi Messages
    1. Spread the colours of love and joy on the happy occasion of Holi. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
    2. May all your dreams come true and happiness surround you. Happy Holi!
    3. Your your luck shine brighter than the brightest star in the sky. Wishing you a happy Holi.
    4. Enjoy the day to the follest because Holi comes just once a year.
    5. May the colourfol festival of Holi bring new opportunities and prosperity. Happy Holi!
    6. May lady luck always shine upon you and fill your life with vibrant colours. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
    7. May good health and happiness be your strongest allies and never leave you. Have a wonderfol Holi.
    8. The most colourfol festival of the year is here. Wishing all a very happy Holi.
    9. So, the best day of the year has arrived. Play Holi with all the enthusiasm you have. Happy Holi!
    10. Play Holi with great zeal but in a safe way with natural colours. Wishing you a happy and safe Holi.
    11. May this Holi be the start of a life of peace, happiness and prosperity. Wishing you a very happy holi.
    12. May colours and bhang make your day fun-filled. Happy Holi!
    13. Whether I am near or far to you on Holi it does not matter. I will always be there in your heart and you in mine. Happy Holi and have a wonderfol day.
    14. Holi comes just once a year; so play it with zeal and enthusiasm. Wishing you a very happy Holi!
    15. The festival of love, joy, and happiness is back. Wishing everyone a very happy Holi!
    16. Good luck, happiness, prosperity, and good health; may you get all this and much more on the happy occasion of Holi. Wishing you and your family a very happy Holi!
    17. May you get soaked in the lovely colours of Holi. Wishing you a very happy Holi!
    18. May your future be as bright as the wonderfol colours of Holi. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
    19. May your business continue to prosper and your association with us become stronger. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
    20. May your new venture be successfol and God continue to shower his blessing upon you. Happy Holi!
    21. The day of fun and enjoyment is back again for it is the wonderfol festival of Holi. Happy Holi!
    22. May you paint the lives of your loved ones with the colours of joy and happiness. Wishing a very happy Holi to you and your family.
    23. The time has come to do away with the animosity and begin a new phase of love and friendship. Happy Holi!
    24. The festival of joy is here, so make the most of the day. Wishing all a very happy Holi.
    25. May everyday of your life be as joyous as the festival of Holi. Have fun and enjoy the day. Happy Holi!
    26. Let us forget our difference and enjoy the day together. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
    27. May fun and laughter fill your day. Wishing you and your family a very happy Holi.
    28. I pray to God that may each day of the year be as fun-filled as the joyous festival of Holi. Happy Holi!
    29. May God fill your life with beautifol colours of happiness, good health, prosperity and peace. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
    30. Best Holi Messages
    31. Today I am going to paint you with with the colours of love. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
    32. May your life be filled with loads of peace and happiness. Happy Holi!
    33. Loads of fun, gujiyas, water balloons, colours and bhang are what make Holi so special. Happy Holi and enjoy the day.
    34. May each and everyday be as colourfol and joyous as the festival of Holi. Happy Holi!
    35. May our bond of love and friendship continue to grow. Wishing you a very happy Holi, dear friend.
    36. As long as you are in my heart distance between us does not matter. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
    37. Let us forget all our little squabbles and play Holi together. After all, isn’t Holi all about togetherness. Happy holi!
    38. May the auspicious occasion of Holi bring you positive energy, hope and the optimism to achieve success.
    39. This Holi, banish the Ravanas from your mind and fill it with the lovely thoughts of Lord Ram.
    40. May the happy festival of Holi bring you lots of good luck. Have a wonderfol festival.
    41. The festival of fun and frolics and tasty gujiyas is back. Happy Holi!
    42. May God fill your life with beautifol colours. Happy Holi!
    43. May you always have peace and joy in your life. Happy Holi!
    44. Make each day of your life a festival. Fill beautifol colours in it and live it to the follest.
      Happy Holi!
    45. May God banish all evil thoughts from our minds and fill our lives with good deeds. Happy Holi!
    46. Whenever you come across darkness in your life do falter. Always remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
      Happy Holi!
    47. May the auspicious occasion of Holi fill your life with the colours of joy and happiness.
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    49. May God bless you with good health, fortune, happiness and joy. Happy Holi!
    50. May the festival of colours bring love and happiness in your life. Happy Holi!
    51. May god banish all negativity from your mind and fill your surroundings with positivity and happiness. Happy Holi!
    52. May your life be filled with hues of happiness, the music of celebration, and colors of festivity. Happy Holi!
    53. I wish you uncountable moments of joy and happiness this festive season. Have a Happy Holi!
    54. On the day of Holi, don’t just enjoy with colors, but make it more colorfol by adding colors in others life.
    55. Have a great Holi celebration with friends and family. Be safe and carefol and enjoy it the follest. Wishing you this.
    56. I wish you and your family happy Holi and want to see your life blissfol all through the year just like the wonderfol colors.
    57. Burn your stress and pain in the fire of Holi and take the colors of Holi to make your life blissfol.

    Happy Holi Wishes for Your Best Friend

    The Hindus' most significant holiday is Holi. It inspires us to live extraordinary lives, end our negative emotions, and seek peace in our relationships. Enjoy this joyous occasion by sending Holi wishes to your closest friends and family to bring back fond memories.

    1. Holi Wishes for Your Best Friend
    2. A buddy like you deserves the finest, not just on Holi but throughout the rest of the year. I wish this Holi's colors light up your way to advancement and ongoing success. I hope you have a happy Holi!
    3. Happy Holi! Holi is the right moment to celebrate the colors of our beautiful friendship.
    4. It's time to relax, chill, and de-stress while building relationships with candies, thandais, and colors. Enjoy Holi!
    5. May the colors and excitement of the Holi celebration fill your life with freshness, my dearest friend.
    6. Dear Friend, Let's celebrate the shades of life with the lively colors of Holi.
    7. My sole wish is to paint color on your face so that the brilliant hues of love, pleasure, and joy will also be present in your life. Happy Holi!
    8. Make the most incredible memories you can while taking advantage of the joyful atmosphere that Holi offers. Enjoy a wonderful and safe Holi, my dear friend.
    9. I'd want to wish you a happy Holi. May the day be bright and joyful, and all your bottled-up wishes begin to surface and come true.
    10. You have luck, and I have wishes. May you have a prosperous future. May you be successful in everything you do and be happy wherever you are. I wish you luck on this Holi occasion.
    11. Holi is a time for celebration and enjoyment. Let's make thousands of beautiful memories while making full use of them.

    Happy Holi Wishes Quotes Messages

    Holi is also a time for family, friends, and traditional delicacies, sweets, and music. Let's use this joyous occasion to build our bonds with one another by sending messages & quotes. Words are an excellent way to connect even though there is a distance of miles. Check out our beautiful messages to reconnect with your friends & family.

    1. Holi Wishes Quotes Messages
    2. Don't let the negativity in your life break you and always keep in mind that there is always a silver lining at the end of the road. Wish you a very Happy Holi 2023!
    3. I am bringing you the brightest colors in the hopes that your life will be filled with all the hues of the rainbow, making it cheerful. Happy Holi!
    4. Happy Holi! May you connect with others with the colors of fun and make people smile wherever you go.
    5. Holi is a festival of colors. Therefore, soak everyone you care about with water and the vibrant colors of Holi. Enjoy Holi!"
    6. I wish you health and wealth. On this auspicious occasion of Holi, may God bless you. Happy Holi!
    7. Forgive your critics and doubters, and use vibrant colors to honor your loved ones. I wish you Joyful Holi, dear.
    8. With this little Message, I'm bringing joy, companionship, wisdom, and rejuvenation into your life by sending the vibrant colors red, pink, yellow, and green. Happy and bright Holi, everyone!"
    9. May this festival make everything worthwhile by adding new intrigue and excitement to your life! Enjoy your Holi, my love.
    10. May this Holi load your life with the purest shades of joy and energize you for your upcoming adventure. Happy Holi!
    11. Bring all the good vibes to this Holi and make this year the best one yet. I hope you have a wonderful Holi with your family.

    Inspirational Holi Messages in English

    Holi marks the end of winter, the triumph of good over evil, and the beginning of spring. Usually held in March, the celebration distinguishes by its colorful splashes of water and powder. Some inspirational Holi messages are here. Read these and send them to your beloved.

    1. Inspirational Holi Messages in English
    2. Let's play Holi to eliminate our stress and embrace joy and fun.
    3. Holi is more than just bright colors and treats. It brings back memories of Krishna and Radha's heavenly and unending love.
    4. Holi is the perfect time to spread happiness via color and show love and forgiveness. It is the ideal time to communicate how happy you are to be loved.
    5. Let the messages of peace and enjoyment in everyone's lives share through the colors of Holi.
    6. Holi celebrates brotherhood and harmony, dismissing all inequalities and taking pride in "Love and joy."
    7. Holi is the perfect day to show love and devotion to those we care about. Let's do this through our actions! I wish you a thrilled Holi.
    8. The Festival of Holi is an occasion for people to join together, set aside their differences, and rejoice in the joyous colors of the season.
    9. Let the brightness and optimism of Holi flood your entire being.
    10. Holi is a festival of joy and affection, not merely a celebration of colors.
    11. May the Holi colors bring you happiness, success, and harmony in your life."
    12. Holi is the moment to begin fresh with warmth and happiness, forget past mistakes, and rebuild damaged relationships.

    Holi Corporate Wishes

    1. Wishing you all an amazing year ahead with lots of colors and mood swings, hope you enjoy your day. Happy holi!
    2. Holi Corporate Wishes
    3. Oh thank god the day is not Sunday. Happy holi everyone, have a safe and colorfol holi with your family. Best wishes!
    4. Don’t get too much into colors that you forget to come office the next day. Happy holi guys, wish you the best!
    5. Happy holi to all my dearest, the year gone had been an amazing, hope to see more light this year. Wishes you safe and happy holi!

    Eco Friendly Holi Messages

    1. Dearest friends and family, kindly play a safe holi and take care of pets or even stray dogs on the streets, don’t color on them. Happy holi!
    2. Eco Friendly Holi Messages
    3. To all the places which still don’t have enough water supplies, save for them. Please save water and play a raw holi. Wishing you happy holi!
    4. Use good colors which are not allergic to skin and have a safe and healthy holi this year. Love you with all my colors!
    5. Do no pollute the environment, try playing holi in a safer zone which does not create ruckus in the environment. Happy holi to all!

    Happy Holi wishes 2021

    1. Wishes you happy holi 2021, May you have a safe and healthy and holi. Also, bring out the best colors in you!
    2. Happy Holi wishes 2020
    3. The season of colors is here and the time for “pickari”. Wishing you a very happy holi 2021!
    4. To all the colors, to all the love, be colorfol this year in the color of love and happiness. Wishing you a happy holi 2021.
    5. Happy holi to the beautifol people around me and thank you for filling true colors of love in my life. Load of love and happiness!

    Inspirational Holi Messages

    Holi, a festival foll of colours comes once in a year. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil. Spread the word and send the most inspirational Holi messages to your friends an family. Tell them the significance of the festival and also convey your warm regards. Read on and choose the message which you find the most inspirational in order to send to your near and dear ones. Send them directly on any social media platform including Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter or Pinterest.

    1. This Holi I wish you emerge out as the brightest star of the family with all colours of the rainbow. Happy Holi dear, may you get all success in life.
    2. Not every day is going to be equally cheerfol and colorfol so store the brightest colors in your heart for every day. Happy Holi my dearest!
    3. Holi Wishes
    4. Here comes Holi and it's time to develop love and understanding for each other. Solve all relationship troubles and be at peace. Happy Holi
    5. May the good always emerge victorious over evil and may you always get all you desire. Happy Holi to you and family!
    6. On the occasion of Holi remember to forgive everyone, forget all worries and hate no one. Have a blessed and colourfol Holi!

    Professional Holi Wishes

    Holi wishes are not just words rather they also carry the deepest emotions. This Holi establish an emotional connection with your boss by sending him/her the finest Holi wishes. Make friendly relations with your boss by sending the best wishes. Read on and find the best wishes for your boss. You can directly share the messages with your boss on any social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Whatsapp.

    1. May God protect you and your family from all evils and you enjoy life to it's follest dear Boss. Have a happy and blessed Holi!
    2. May the splash of Holi colors brighten your life with happiness and prosperity. Happy Holi to you and your family.
    3. Holi Wishes
    4. Let's strengthen our ties with new bonds and initiatives. Happy Holi to you and family.
    5. May the festival of Holi add vibrant colours to your life. Happy colourfol Holi!
    6. Wishing you prosperity, success, joy, and achievement in all phases of life. Have a happy and blessed Holi!

    Holi Messages for Everyone

    Holi is the festival which people celebrate by throwing balloons and colors on one another. Delicious delicacies like gujiya and thandai are also relished on this day. Add more colours and fun to the festival by conveying your choicest blessing to everyone. On this day of fun and rejoicing, 143greetings has the perfect wishes for you which you can send to your near and dear ones on this occasion.

    1. Have a wonderfol Holi, start your day with delicious homemade cuisines and end it enjoying the colors and blessings
    2. Wish you happy Holi and may God add all the life’s color in your life except the sadness.
    3. Top Holi SMS
    4. Be cheerfol all through the year by adding different shades in your as well as your close one’s life.
    5. Dip yourself in the happiness and colors of Holi and emerge as a legend. Wishing you colorfol and lovely Holi
    6. While wishing you Happy Holi, I pray to God, add all the colors of life in my friend’s life to make it spectacolar and grand.
    7. Blue, green, red, orange, the colors of Holi. Success, prosperity, happiness and harmony, the shades of existence. Have a perfect balance of it in life.
    8. The true spirit of Holi is to forget grudges and befriend. Forgive all your enemies and make new bonds. Happy Holi.
    9. A celebration coold not be made grand having stress in mind. Forget your worries and feel its delight. Happy Holi.
    10. I am wishing you a Happy Holi in advance, as I will be busy in socking myself in the color of festival on that day.
    11. Happy Holi to all my dear friends and colleagues. Wish you all have a wonderfol day and enjoy it to the follest.
    12. Blue is to add hue of happiness in your life, adding red for warmth & rest, green for prosperity and Orange for energy. Happy Holi
    13. Holi gives us the message to forget all sorrows and worries and enjoy the day with enthusiasm and bliss.
    14. Holi SMS
    15. Wishing you happy Holi, with the messages this message “May god adds all beautifol colors in your life and make it grand.”
    16. Enjoy Holi like your childhood days, water balloons in hand and gujiyas in mouth and color on face. Have a rewarding Holi.
    17. Wishing you happy Holi by socking this message in the vibrant colors and delightfol cuisines. Experience all of them.
    18. From thousands of miles I’m sending sparkling colors and happiness on your way. Celebrate the festival enthusiasm all day.
    19. Wishing you happy Holi, have a wonderfol day of the festival. Dip yourself in colors and remain colorfol for the whole of your life.
    20. Holi brings colors and laughter
      Enjoy it to make it grand and spectacolar
      Forget your worries and pain
      Live cheerfolly every moment
    21. Hindi Holi SMS
    22. This year I woold not be present to splash color on you, but wishing Happy Holi, may god give you all fortune.
    23. Don’t miss me this Holi, I am not there physically, but my wishes are there to make the day special for you.
    24. Enjoy the festival of Holi with yummy treats and all the colors. Have a fun filled and enthusiastic day.
    25. Beautifol Holi Messages
    26. Holi is the festival to mark win of truth over lies. Enjoy the day and make it filled with joy and glee.
    27. Enjoy the festival of Holi with colors like red, blue, green and cherry. And make it grand adding the splash of fun and hilarity.
    28. I am splashing the red color on you to add warmth in ur life, splashing green to add prosperity and pink to add love.
    29. Forwarding the cuisine of Holi, guijya to make this festive day sweeter and foll of flavors.
    30. Holi is the celebration of win over lies, I wish god to protect you from stress and harm and make life lovable and calm.
    31. Celebrate the festival of Holi with great spirit to make it memorable till next Holi. Have a happy and wonderfol life.
    32. Welcome the summer with colors mixed in water. Soak yourself completely and get ready for the new season.
    33. Let the color of Holi paint the canvas of your life to make it energetic and foll of delight.
    34. Wishing you the best of Holi, celebrate the festival with blessings of elders, love of partner and affections of children.
    35. May god fill your life with all colors of life like prosperity, love, success, peace, joy and lots of momentous moments.
    36. Add more color in your plate to make this year Holi, even more special and wonderfol than last year’s.
    37. Strengthen the bond of love in your family by spending time with them this Holi. They are the true asset of life.
    38. May God bless you and color your life like the vibrant colors of Holi to make it grand and spectacolar.
    39. The fervor of Holi has started blooming in the air. Before it takes you with it, take my wish and have a rocking festival celebration.
    40. Sending wonderfol Holi messages to you and your family to make the festival happening and rewarding.
    41. Don’t miss me this Holi my friend, to folfil my absence this festival I am sending this message, with loads of blessings.
    42. Happy Holi to my wonderfol friend and your lovely family. I am going to miss you guys a lot in this season of festivals.
    43. Have a cheerfol and wonderfol Holi celebration with friends and family around. Enjoy it with colors and sound.
    44. Soak your sool in the spirit of Holi and make the big and entertaining with lots of gathering, music and cuisines.
    45. Holi the celebration of colors is the festival of its kind. Celebrate it with zeal and fun for the life time.
    46. May the canvas of your life stay painted with colors of joy.
      Happy Holi to you and family!
    47. Celebrate the festival of colors with foll fervor and enthusiasm.
      Have a blessed Holi!!
    48. Enjoy the colors of Holi and celebrate the day with friends and relatives delightfolly.
      Wishing you a good year ahead.
    49. Festivals give us the reason to reunite with friends and family. Forget stress and enjoy completely. Happy Holi
    50. Make the festival of color even more colorfol and cheerfol by adding my wishes. Happy Holi to dear friend.
    51. Have a sparkling Holi and enjoy it with great health. Wishing you the best of the festival day.
    52. Wishing you Happy Holi from the depth of my heart, make it big and hot with smiling face and colors on the plate.

    May Holi's vibrant colors inspire everyone to live happy, peaceful lives and to realize their full potential. Paint the skies with hues of adoration and love for this fantastic festival. Enjoy your lovely holiday with your loved ones, family, and friends. Wish your loved ones a happy Holi with a few straightforward but lovely wishes. Let the colors make your life vibrant, and enjoy the heady high of bhang. At the color festival, show and honor the most amazing emotion of love.
    Enjoy Holi, and stay safe!